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Operations Project Manager was asked...June 16, 2022

Tell me about a project you managed in the past. What was the most difficult part of managing that project and how did you resolve issues as they arose?

National Veterinary Associates

Tell me what in your past experience qualifies you for this role? A vet rents space he wants to rent back to you and the company for a new practice - how would you handle? Is this a conflict of interest?


Why do you want to work at Scentbird?


Tell me about a time you had to work under tight deadlines?


Interviewers asked basic questions about resume

BK Medical

Why are you interested in this role and company?


What are the three things that attracted you to apply for this job?

AG Consulting Partners

Tell me what you do that promotes personal growth.

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I explained I'd furthered my education on my own, belonged to several online groups to mentor other young women professionals, and personally engaged in mediation and yoga. I was advised that wasn't enough to be AG Partners worthy. Less

Inventive Group

Why are you interested in Inventive ?

Taco Bell

What is your favorite Taco Bell item?

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