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Director Interview Questions in Canada


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Very mediocre questions

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What change would I make to the McDonalds Menu?

4 Answers

There were various questions asked, from education to experience and future career advancements.

3 Answers

Can you work seventy hours a week.

3 Answers

You have a break for 11 months between your last job and today, please tell me what you were doing and why you took this break?

3 Answers

What do fund accountants usually look at to determine whether a fund is doing well or not?

3 Answers

Do you have and experience, tell me something about yourself

2 Answers

Interestingly they asked on each role I undertook what was the reason for gonig for my next job?

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What are three types of estimating methods.

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If you found a number that is wrong, what are some reasons do you think there could be for that mistake to happen?

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