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Clinical research specialist Interview Questions in Canada


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How to overcome a difficult client.

2 Answers

You need to show strong people management skills.

Demonstrate a consistent ability to bring solitons with problems. They expect problems, it is an complex business - what they need from you is to manage that.

What are some regulatory documents required to start a clinical trial.

1 Answer

Tell us about your background.

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Why do you want to leave your current position

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Please describe your strengths and weaknesses?

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What goals have you set for yourself in clinical previously and how did you meet them?

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The first thing written in the email was that it would be impossible to complete in 20 minutes but that the job was fast paced and didn't allow much time to complete tasks assigned. Two case studies are presented and you have to write out what you would do in each case. Then you have to send your answers back to the interviewer in 20 minutes - late replies will not be accepted. The situations involve access to children in care of the Children's Aid Society. The first study outlines a scenario where a mother comes to see her child, but brings her boyfriend who is not allowed to see her children (allegations/history of abuse). What would you do? The second involves a home that is dirty, animal feces/food on floor, garbage blocking hallways and children are expected to arrive shortly for visit. What would you do?

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What is your weakness?

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Tell me a bit about yourself

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What would you do if more than one doctor asks for assistance at the same time?

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