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National University of Singapore
Clinical Research Coordinator was asked...April 2, 2018

working experience, any questions about the new job, etc

2 Answers

same as my resume.


Richmond Pharmacology

What do you know about this company

2 Answers

This company lies. This company (Keith) fills out its own Glassdoor reviews.

Whatever you do; don’t mention the reviews on here in reference to answering this question!! Less


What are essential documents?

2 Answers

Protocol Signature Page, 1572, FDF, SIF

Essential documents to conduct clinical trials are protocol to conduct the clinical trials ,informed consent forms,approvals from regulatory authorities,sponsors,irb/iecapprovals, investigational brochure etc are the essential documents Less

Croissance Clinical Research

Nothing they will ask directly salary issue.Very Unprofessional company.CEO will involve in recruitment also. CEO only will discuss salary no interview questions nothing.Only for Clinical research they will pay max 13K that.s it.Now even conductor also getting 20k.

2 Answers

I just simply said no.Bcz i had 6years study with 1year experiance even though they will offer 13k.Very very unprofessional the way the CEO speaks. Very harsh.My advise don,t go this. Less



Describe the differences between a tumor grade and a tumor stage.

2 Answers

Tumor grade is define by cell type where as stage is define by size and site, i mean localize or metastise Less

in terms of size, tumor stage is meant for diagnose treatment while grade is meant for prognosis of the cancer also stage can be benign or malignant while grade can be well differentiated or poorly differentiated Less


Tell me about a time where you experienced conflict at work personally and professionally.

2 Answers

When I started studying medicine in Russian! I used to spend hours on translation programs because I studied in Egypt in Arabic! Something until I speak Russian fluently, and now everything is fine Less

It's important to state what you learned from each of the scenarios you share with them. Less

PRA Health Sciences

Describe a situation where you had to change your priorities quickly.

1 Answers

Personal experience.


What is a 1572 and why is it important?

2 Answers

Statement of the investigator agreement to adhere to FDA regulations

how long did you get the offer

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

What is your plans?

2 Answers

To grow up in the field of the Clinical Research

What other questions did they ask you?


How will you conduct the informed consent process of a deaf & dumb subject?

2 Answers

Deaf & Dumb people are physically challenged, and they classified under Vulnerable subjects as per guidelines. Its a violation if we enroll such subjects in clinical studies. Less

We'll have an interpreter who uses sign-language.

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