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Gram Games
Game Artist was asked...January 17, 2022

What was the most difficult situation I've had in a job before


What is a way you would handle a coworker questioning your work.


Will ask questions that encourage you to highlight your skills, will also ask questions to get a sense of your personality and demeanor

Jam City
Game Artist was asked...January 13, 2022

Previous experience and project details

Honey Cosmetics

Why should we hire you


Family situation and age questions that were not relevant for the position.


One time you made a mistake? One time you worked as part of a team?


What you was hear about us? Sentences that kill everything - even you was interested before, after it - no sorry.

Deep Silver Dambuster Studios

- How would you build an environment from scratch? - If you could build a team, what roles would you fill?

DFS Group

How do I work with others?

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