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Associate Manager Buyer Analytics Group was asked...January 11, 2013

eBay reduces the commission from sellers. The Average Selling Price goes up. Why?

2 Answers

I guess because sellers can spend more time. Let's consider reducing commission in an auction - if a customer is supposed to pay $1 for 7 days instead of $2 for 7 days, she is more likely to spend more time i.e. 14days instead of just 7 days. And because she has more time available for auction, she would set minimum price to a higher value than before. Less

Commission for sellers means that the seller are more will to give discount to the buyers. Increase in ASP could be because people buy more expensive products because of the discount. Less

The most difficult question was what did I want for a budget. I told him $10,000 to get started.. For some reason I was not invited to the banking meetings so I could discuss budgeting. Another $10,000 should have been allotted for advertising.

1 Answers

In hind sight, I realize I was so anxious to get this position and Dr MacCellean was so intimidating that I did not insist on more financial input. Less

How long had I been in retail? How long had I been involved in menswear? What made me want to leave Management and move into the buying department and move to Richmond Virginia? What made me come back to Nashville? What is the difference between selling menswear and selling women's wear? How do you describe your style of building a client base? What is the secret of holding onto your team and mentoring them?

1 Answers

I have been in retail over 15 years. i have been involved in menswear for over 9 years. I was asked by the CEO of the company to join the merchandise department and was honored to jump at the chance. The company I worked for went under during the banking crises and I moved back in 2009. The difference between men and women is women shop and men buy. I listen to everything they say to me during the sale start a client sheet and sale back to them. God gave you 2 ears and one mouth it is always important to ask as many questions about the customers life so you can know what to sale them the next time you want to do outreach. Make your team members feel like they matter because they do. You are only as good as you weakest link. Team meetings are very important and getting feedback from your team is as well. Everything is not always about the Manager it does not matter where a good idea comes from as long as it is good and it is effective. Making your team feel like a family can often lead a store to become one of the highest volume producers and most of my stores always have been. That is my secret. I still keep in touch with many of my employees from several different companies. Being a mentor to someone is one of the great joys of being a Manager. Less

Vian Enterprises

Small company employees there many years, since it opened. The inference was how long do you plan to stay?

1 Answers

I said I could see myself working there for many years


What makes you interested in the position.

1 Answers

i live nearby, it has good pay, and is a good opportunity to experience daily work Less


Given 4 people who each take different times to cross a bridge (10 mins, 5mins, 2mins and 1 min), what's the least amount of time taken to cross the bridge if only 2 can cross at a time and a flashlight is needed for each trip across.

1 Answers

Kinda tricky. It's 17 minutes. First 1,2 cross, 1 takes the flashlight back. (=3 mins) Then 10,5 cross. 2 (who is still on the other side) takes the flashlight back. (=another 12 mins) Then 1,2 cross again. (=another 2 mins) So it's 3+12+2=17 minutes in total. Less

Direct Agents

Describe largest challenges faced in past professional situations and how, in a leadership capacity, you were able to overcome successfully that challene; if you had to do it differently, what would you change and why?


If you ordered 1000 units of X and then mislabeled the price (was supposed to be $199.99 and you labeled it $99.99) and over sold by 200 units what would you do?


- Persönliche Vorstellung - Stärken/ Schwächen - Inhalt des Jobs - Erfahrung in diesem Aufgabengebiet - Erfolge - Aufgabe: Präsentation, wie man sich die ersten 4 Wochen Einarbeitung vorstellt, was Zalando in dieser Zeit von mir erwartet und was ich dazu von Zalando brauche

Dean & DeLuca

My background and history in the retail food industry

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