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Chauffeur de bus was asked...March 12, 2020

Q : Pourquoi vous avez postulé à la STIB ?

12 Answers

R : car je cherche une stabilité financière et bien plus un bon emplois qui me permets de rencontrer des gens. Less

J'aime la conduit ,et oussi les contacts avec les gens comme je suis chef de famille et oussi la stabilité Less

Bonjour, le test psychotechnique était dur? Car je stress un peu je dois le passer bientôt Less

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Bus Driver was asked...January 31, 2012

which comes first,your family or septa

6 Answers

they tell you there are no wrong answers(yea right)

I remembered that it should be SEPTA because the excellent job will provide for you and your family for ever. Less

My answer would be Septa.

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Schmitty and Sons

Do you like working with kids?

6 Answers



I like working with kids not sure I did. The first question right

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The Texican Cafe

What kind a position you looking for?

5 Answers


Any available work for buster?

Any opening work

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If you are at a traffic light and it turns green when would you not proceed?

5 Answers

Proceed when I am sure it is no pedestrian or vehicle intering in intersection

Will not proceed if he perceived potential hazards.

If there's an emergency vehicle approaching from any direction.

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Diversified Transportation
Bus Cleaner was asked...February 13, 2020

Can you clean a bus?

5 Answers




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City of Brampton, Ontario

What sort of emergencies have you encountered with your personal vehicle and how did you handle it

5 Answers

Have an example where you might of failed but learned from it Have an example where you suceeded in an emergency Less

Public transportation

Emergency light. Put on my four way light and find a safe place to stop and call for assistance Less

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do you tie your laces

5 Answers



Yes,l do tie my laces

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Primero Transport Services

Are you a driver? how many years experience do you have? were do you work currently?

4 Answers

Yes....6years experience....lamata lagos.

How can I apply as a drive?

Is driver, 15yrs experience. Tuc t&I transport LTD.

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Arriva Group

What made think about joining us?

4 Answers

I enjoy to help people. As Bus driver i will be able to help customers with information / direction, which bus to take, etc. To make them confortable during their journey Less

Secure job, like driving, job satisfaction getting people to there destination. Less

That's where l can go to my life's purpose

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