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Business Support Analyst was asked...April 21, 2018

Prepare a business plan for Peru Market , Product - Instant Lottery Tickets

1 Answers

Analyzed the total population , GDP and estimated the total target customers and gave inputs on brand promotion and advertisement strategies Less

Explain an instance where you did process improvement at your last job?

1 Answers

there is no correct answer.

Clifford Chance

Why we should hire you

1 Answers

hire me and you will get know how multi-tasking I am, a great team player as well as a good learner. Less

How did you handle difficult customer? explain in full details.

1 Answers

Use STAR approach to answer the question

Rooney Holdings

What draws you to this role?

1 Answers

The well written job requirements make it very clear that I have the skills needed to contribute to your teams success. Less

Rocket Companies

Whats a left-join

1 Answers

SQL command, couldnt describe exactly what it did but said im sure I could learn and pick up the skill quickly Less

What do you think about the current economic situation of Nigeria

1 Answers

Due to the dip in the price of crude oil, which is the major source of revenue in Nigeria. government should diversify the economy, and also create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive. Less

Nestlé USA

Name a time something changed in my life and I had to adapt and overcome it.

1 Answers

I used examples from my position at my old company since it was about keeping up with constant changes everyday. We never knew what we would walk in to that day. I explained how I would work through it with my peers and not let it drag the team or myself down if it were a negative change. Less


Corporate Finance test

1 Answers

Can you elaborate on what concepts you got tested? I am applying Business Valuation C2 position, and they told I will be sitting for very subject related test. And I am wondering what the test looks like. Less

Wegmans Food Markets

Projects, what are you most passionate about? what would you want from this job

1 Answers

Straight out !

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