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Fit questions mostly. Tell me a bit about yourself, what is a professional weakness of yours etc. She told me I was a strong candidate because I've done something related and my "English was better than the others".

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Just don't say any clichés like "My weakness is I work too hard"

Why should we hire you? Coming from a telecom to a software background the immediate connection was made when I talked about the business of a company and aligning software with their priority

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Are you willing to come back from parental leave to take the job

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Almost a case scenario: what would you tell Wal-Mart if you needed to "kill" a brand in a certain line and had no funds to support promos, etc

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You consider yourself a strongly analytical person, yet did not name it as one of your strengths.

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Give an example of a time that you showed Media One-ness?

Do you mean I have to buy hardware for this solution? I cannot afford that.

Do you know what an AMSB (Account Manager Small Business) does day to day?

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