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Why do you want this position?

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Obviously, do not answer with the words "money" in it or anything like that. Answer it in a fashion that would make you stand out from the crowd and make you different. Talk about something specific about that company if you can because that will likely get you bonus points. Know as much as you can about the company for this question. Like how your skills will suit the mission and vision of the company and how you think you can improve the company with what you see with them. I think Matrikon likes team players, so make sure it's a company oriented answer, even though it's about you.

Why should we hire you? Coming from a telecom to a software background the immediate connection was made when I talked about the business of a company and aligning software with their priority

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Are you willing to come back from parental leave to take the job

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Why are you interested in the role? How do your previous experiences relate to the role? What was a challenge in high school?

Was asked many behavioural questions about strengths and weaknesses. Asked about technical experience, highlights from previous jobs/experience.

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A case about thisopenspace launching in a new market and running a contest to generate, qualify, and close leads who we would then help launch stores/pop-ups. It involved learning about the current tools that are being used and using systems thinking to accurately find and use data we already have to successfully launch in a new market.

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Do you mean I have to buy hardware for this solution? I cannot afford that.

How did you find out this position Very basic questions regarding previous sales experience What is your salary expectation

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