Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions in Bristol, UK |

Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions in Bristol, UK


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Could you show us some code you've worked on recently?

1 Answer

Showed some code I was working on in the past year.

What's the difference between transient objects, singleton and scoped?

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Simple technical questions, competency questions

They asked me what I know about the company and what they should invest into

Write a program which will get the second highest value in a list

What happens when you go to

Technical question could go into any depth and variation, so it's better to look at the job and prepare accordingly. It may also be wise to discuss with the recruiter in details what the team does and what technologies they work on. Interview is also likely to go a bit wider than what the team is exactly doing to see your over all knowledge of Telecom. Also make sure you are up to date with the latest news in telecom industry.

Write an algorithm to match brackets in an input if all opening brackets have a matching ending bracket of the same type the input it valid.

Give me one example of an hard problem that you had to solve and how did you solve it?