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Why should we hire you?

2 Answers

In my opinion this is a poor question and comes across as lazy. It also sets up an unhelpful power dynamic which implies that I need the job more than they need me and thus causes me to lose respect for the interviewer and the company they represent. I reeled off some of my experience, attributes and skills but who knows what they were really looking for! Perhaps next time I should reply "tell me why I should work for you".

"why should I work for you" is the most appropriate answer, followed by finding your way out of the superiority complex infected office as fast as possible.

Give an example of a setback you have encountered, and how you dealt with it.

1 Answer

Case scenarios of project management

1 Answer

Why are you looking to move from your current role / company?

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What processes do you use?

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(my summary of the question) 'We have a "my account" section which doesn't do much currently. Pick a feature you think it should contain and sell it to us'

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Of the 80 people here in Bristol, we only have a few women (<5). Will it be a problem for you to work in such a male-dominated environment?

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What had appealed to me about their role

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How do you manage a project

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Have you worked in an environment resistant to change

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