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A biomedical engineer applies engineering expertise to biology and healthcare. To interview successfully for this job, prepare for technical and situational questions. Get ready to prove your skills in industry knowledge and authenticity.

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Top Biomedical Engineer Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top biomedical engineer interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: What is a ventilator?

How to answer: The hiring manager is evaluating your knowledge of standard biomedical equipment. Tackle this question by describing the main purpose of a ventilator, summarising how it works and specifying key ventilator brands.

Question No. 2: A diagnostic device that you designed is failing performance tests. A potential investor wants to learn about its functionality. How do you handle this?

How to answer: This situational interview question is an opportunity to demonstrate skills in judgment, authenticity and problem-solving. Develop a process that shows these abilities. Steps can include reassessing device performance and informing the investor about current test results. This will enable you to avoid misrepresenting the device and build trust with a key stakeholder, who may invest in your device in the future. Creating an action plan to improve device functionality is another key step.

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Biomedical Engineer was asked...September 26, 2022

Given an electrical circuit diagram, find the total resistance and the voltage across R2


Function of a fibre optics

Circadia Health

Q: i can't actually remember

1 Answers

my answers were very genuine


In online test there are 3 types of questions i.e., logical reasoning, Aptitude and technical from main domain.

PIH Health

would you tell us when you faced medical equipment maintenance challenges?


Tell me about your projects

Johnson & Johnson

Why did you apply for this placement.


They ask some basic questions on biology and statistic concepts and then there is a coding exercise.


Approximately: 1. Compute the number of possible unique groups of people of 3 from W women and M men with the diversity requirement: at least one man and one woman in the group. 2. Given a string of bars and stars and list of intervals, compute the number of stars between two bars on each interval. 3. Given matrix representing the relation between people, compute groups of people that know each other. 4. Given a graph representing people and edges representing interests that they share, find pair of people sharing most of interests.

1 Answers

1. Combinatorial problem - used combination formula 2. Took most of the effort: I thought initially that it is about string manipulation, hence solved it in a dummy way by computing the number of stars for each interval pair. But then I stuck with the problem of time limit and only later I realized that it meant to be solved in a one-pass by making a table of all substring starts and ends and counting the stars and adding the numbers for each table value as you go along the string. 3. Simple task of finding graph connected components - depth -first search algorithm. 4. Didn't bother myself with solving it because I was already exhausted after 2.5 hours of assignment. I assume it can be solved with dynamic programming. Less

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what is an ideal work environment

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