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3 places you'd like to visit?

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Same feeling here. I just got my language assessment in mandarin today.

Be able to speak about hobbies, family, work and a topic of your interest- some of these topics included Communications, Environmental or Global affairs) If you are currently in school you can speak about this as well. Some of the school related questions involved your experience, the building, your first day, and a final project/presentation/assignment. If you like to do home improvements, make sure that you have detailed descriptions of what you have done and also what it looked like before and after.

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When was a time when you went step further for a customer?

What are there any challenges do you think you would face as a flight attendant?

Tell me about your resume. What are you doing now?

This job requires some lifting and carrying, are there any health concerns you have that would restrict you from doing so?

How do you deal with an intoxicated individual?

Why would you make a good flight attendant?

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