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Barista - Starbucks was asked...January 13, 2020

Where do I see your self with the company

11 Answers

want to explore management training opportunities and also learn the finer points of this industry, so I can eventually become a bcompany leader. Less

I want to start the same as everyone and grow as I learn.

First of all i start at entry level like everyone else and then move up into management. Less

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Why do you want to work here?

3 Answers

Like to join,to working at starbuck

find new experience

Even though I don’t have experience i will assure that I am fast learner and experience in retail as supervisor so i know to handle customer well. Less


what about our company drew you in?

2 Answers

Do research on a company before you go in, even if it’s super basic info you know Less

this question is always hard, when a lot of times the answer is "i need a job"


How well do you handle demanding customers?

3 Answers

I do handle demanding customs well, especially with patience and respect.

I will handle the customers demanding ..for me ..calm and respect the customers need .. Less

I do handle very well


What would be your biggest concern about working here?

2 Answers

An answer could be remembering all the recipes

I replied that a constant worry that I would not have a job after Christmas.


What is your strengths and weaknesses?

2 Answers

I worked St Petersburg general hospital kitchen prep December 2011till2014

I'm sturdy


How would you handle an upset customer?

2 Answers

You should always listen to the customer first. Let them explain the problem and listen. Then apologize and try to make it right. Less

Always say yes to what the customer wants and try to rectify the problem as soon as possible. Less


Sell me this product. (Holds up random object)

2 Answers

Talked about the a bag of coffee beans by how it looked smelled tasted etc

Other then affordability what will stop you from buying ( ) today?After Giving the best description of the object I picked up Less


Why do I want to work at Starbucks

2 Answers

Any starbucks All want chance to work a part time job

I could meet with you guys tomorrow the feb 26,2020


Discribe a time when you had to deall with an unruly customer

2 Answers

discribed to the manager how I managed to clam the customer down an ensured that the left a happy customer. Less

I had to have security escort a customer out of Frontier City after they called my team member and I slurs. I talked to them calmly, but afterwards continued with my operation and apologized to the others waiting. Less

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