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Bank teller Interview Questions


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What was your last position?

3 Answers


Customer care service

Customer service

Experience in customer service and any proven sales backgroud

2 Answers

Why should I NOT hire you ?

1 Answer

Describe the best customer service experience that you have ever had?

1 Answer

Tell me what do you know about TD bank,describe you current duties during the day,what is a customer service means to you,what salary do you expect,what is you availability,where are you living and what area is suitable for you,how many languages do you know,how do you cope with stress.

1 Answer

Q: how to deal with upset customer?

1 Answer

Describe a time you were in a situation where you didn't agree with what was going on in your place of employment. What did you do about it? Results?

1 Answer

Why you want to be apart of the team? What leadership qualities do you have? Any past experiences?

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Do you understand what the role in tales

1 Answer

Savez-vous la difference entre une cooperative et une banque?

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