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Audit Senior was asked...April 21, 2012

Tell me how you used your own experinece for solving problem.

2 Answers

match cases

Often I weight the pros and cons of any situation when it comes to a decision I need to make in reference to my personal life. Offer times I feel this method is the best way to see the whole picture at a higher level in order to begin coming up with the best solutions. Less


What and where you wanna be in the next 5-10 years

3 Answers


I want to be at Big4 UAE and will be leading clients independently as a manager with a team of 10 to 15 members. At the end of 10th year I will be having my own business in tourism and hospitality sector. Less

Manager and then partner


what are the areas of financial statements on which IAS-39 financial instrument applies?

2 Answers

It applies on Non-current Assets and Liabilities

what do you applies

Cairn Energy

How do you think you can make the audit work more interesting than just a monotonous routine kind of job

2 Answers

Through Knowledge building and continuous learning within the team

By dividing the work among team members and establishing reward system for completion of tasks. Less


I don't remember

1 Answers

I don't remember

Audit Senior was asked...February 21, 2021

Pourquoi avez vous choisi Kpmg ?

1 Answers

Big 4 , Accompagnement ,


What is the most risky area in audit for Avon considering the industry?

1 Answers

Correct valuation of inventory


How do you deal with many engagements at once?

1 Answers

I try to prioritize the the most important tasks to less importation and allocate the work accordingly which helps me to accomplish all audits in timely matter. Less


What is Asc 820

1 Answers

I explained him the valuation of investment in detail.


About hedge funds,materiality

1 Answers

I defined the benchmark used for materiality and defined what is meant to be hedge funds Less

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