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Do you write poetry? (this was for a QA position)

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I have written poetry for school and I did some writing on my own in university. I have more recently written haiku's and limericks. I get this creativity from my father who is constanly writing poetry.

wow !! u r lucky fellow .to get this question :)

Please share few questions ,frequently asked in Canada for Quality assurance, i just want to know the template.

If you had to explain COSO control framework to your grandmother, what would you say?

How would you handle a difficult client who is not forthcoming with information?

Generally ask questions related to previous job technology knowledge and application knowledge depends on the team you are working in ... we have project audit team, system audit team and application audit team..infrastructure too usually ask questions related to technology, risk and audit also behavioral questions...depends on interviewer

Many & varied.

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We discussed prior work experience. BDO has a hard time retaining staff so the interview was a formality.

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Tell us about a recent experience when you tried a new solution that failed despite all your analyses?

They asked about my management style, and appreciated the fact that I like to work as a support to my people, leading by example.

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