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Name a time that you brought new ideas to a situation.

1 Answer

"When I was working here in 2004, there was, and I'm sure still is, a big push for innovative ideas from within the company. I submitted an idea to the online innovation bulletin board that involved the use of existing technology to add opaque panels to refrigerators that would become clear with the push of a button so the user could see what was inside the refrigerator without opening the door. I still think it's a great idea, and would love to see it implemented."

None. Both the phone and in-person interview had the standard behavioural questions (2-3 questions)

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Describe a situation where my analytical skills helped to get me the job done?

1 Answer

A lot of situational and behavioral questions (what would you do if... tell me a situation when...). Took approx one hour.

Situational questions, expected to be answered with star framework

what would you change about the organization

Many behavioural questions oriented to screen about Team work, Managing agencies, problem solve skills, etc. , like "Tell me about a time when: 1. You had a disagreement with someone on the team over a project - how did you handled? 2. Tell me about a time things didn't go as planned - what did you do?

Has anyone ever asked you or put you into a situation where your ethical decision making is jeopardized? How have you dealt with it?

What do you know about the company

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