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You have a linked list, how will you find that it has a loop?

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Use two iterators, the first one is advancing twice as fast as the other, if they meet there is a loop. Otherwise if they both reach a null no loop.

You have 20 balls all equal in size. They all weigh the same except for one. How do you identify the one that weighs less or more?

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What is a union in C? Linux command nm? What is a mutex? Types of joins in the Database theory? Templates in Java 6? typename keyword in C++? Anonymous hashes in Perl?

Though I was told that there will be 3 technical people in the panel, almost all the question were behavioral. There were a couple easy technical question as well (disclaimer: the term "easy" and "difficult" is relevant, one easy or difficult for me may be exactly opposite for you) .

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Describe the best manager you have had and what attributes made them a good manager and describe the worst and what made them the worst?

Depends on the position, but for app support, you'll be asked to write a formal letter. And to write a small sql query.

--- Initial Call --- FDM first contacted me questions along these lines: Why do you want to apply to FDM? Why would you be a good fit at FDM? What do you know about FDM? The purpose of this call was to set up the phone interview. The recruiter e-mailed me links to FDM’s website and social network pages so that I could study before the phone interview. --- Phone Interview --- Pretty standard interview, asking basic questions like: Why are you applying to FDM? --- FDM Assessment Day --- There was a logical/IT test, followed by a math test, two interviews (strictly 7 minutes long with about 10-15 questions asked), a group exercise and a venn diagram/set notation test. These are some of the questions that were asked of me or by others during the day: Math Test (GCSE Math - BBC Bitesize is a helpful source): Basic arithmetic Long multiplication and division Simultaneous equations Pythagorean's theorem Calculation speed given distance and time Logical Test Lots of brain teasers Questions that assess your ability to recognize patterns (e.g., given a set of numbers, determine the next three in the series) Interview (Technical): What does it mean to normalize a database? What is the difference between an IF and a CASE statement, and when would you use either? How would you create an infinite loop? What is the difference between an INNER JOIN and an OUTER JOIN (SQL) They also identified a specific technical competency in my resume and asked me to explain it to them. Brush up on the basics of your skills and training you’ve received/ Interview (Behavioral) Why are you a good fit for FDM? Why do you want to join FDM? What was your most significant accomplishment in your last job? Is there anything not on your CV that you would like to share (e.g., hobbies, accomplishments)? Group Exercise: Lots of random brain teaser questions that required the interviewees to solve together Venn Diagram Test Questions involving unions, intersects, compliments, minus, nots and parenthesis. Brush up on your basic venn diagram and set notation rules and you should be fine. They offered a booklet for a reference but I found I didn't need it that much.

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