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Analytics Product Manager was asked...October 27, 2021

Behavioral and case related questions.

Schneider Electric

- Por qué Schneider? - Por qué tú? - Qué sabes de Schneider? - Cuéntanos cómo te enfrentas a problemas, urgencias, situaciones de estrés. - Sabes trabajas en un ambiente internacional?

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Tell me something about you


1) Why leave current company 2) Why accenture 3) What brings you happiness at work/home 4) Current responsibilities 5) Do I Manage Individuals 6) Team size that I manage 7) Experience with Python and ML 8) Familiarity with Click Suite- ClickSense 9) Experience with Agile and choice 10) Managing obstacles 11)5 year plan 12) Working with International team 13 How do you stay up to date

Cisco Systems

No questions asked as the interview process did not begin.

SCAN Health Plan

1. Tell me about yourself 2. Why are you interested in healthcare 3. Questions on past experiences


Tell me about a project that you managed that has to do with data and implementing data modeling solutions.

Freedom Financial Network

Why do you want to make a change in your career, have you ever made a mistake, etc.

Junglee Games

Impact analysis case , Competitor analysis case , scaling of product & strategy questions related to rolling out new game formats.

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I got ample amount of time to understand the business problem and come up with detailed solutions. For Impact analysis a use case of unusual drop of KPI was discussed from my prior experience. Less


How do you provide acceptance criteria for the said requirements.

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