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US Navy
Air Traffic Control was asked...January 5, 2017

Did you do drugs?

1 Answers


Abu Dhabi Airports Company

what are your weaknesses.

2 Answers

Not sleeping

duty in a long period of time, for instance shift in 24hrs

US Army

Do you have any felonies?

1 Answers



Did you ever commit crimes, felonies, DUI, drugs/alcohol, do you like to start fires, hear voices, etc.

1 Answers

Be very consistent with your answers.

Eye See Optical

Experience and teamwork questions

1 Answers

There were not any difficult questions


This job has a high suicide rate? Isn't that job really stressful?

1 Answers

No and No, but the people you work with can be.

Interim Solutions for Government

How much time are you prepared o spend in employment here?

1 Answers

Management would like for people to give at least 2 years to maintain continuity in the classroom and labs. Less


You have to be able to watch a horrific crash and then continue working, because if you work in a tower long enough you will experience this. No one can take your place when this happens. If you can't do this you should consider another career.

1 Answers

None of us left. I experienced some frightening crashes and near misses, but no one ever died while I was on the watch. Less


Basic Questions about the position

1 Answers

They look for how you answer the question

House of Air

If you were to witness and attend to a major injury, what would be your first action?

1 Answers

Make sure victim is in a surrounding enviroment that is safe and secure. Access the injury and make a rational decision on how urgent the situation is and attend to it. There is more to the answer but becuase I answered the question with confidence and with no hesitation, I believe she felt that carried into my character. Less

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