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"Using Venn-diagram calculate number of people. Total number is 100 people. out of them 70 read nightly newspaper and 40 read morning. 20 read neither. Calculate number of people who read only one..."

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"My interview started with she asking me questions from my resume. She asked me how my job related to the Market Analyst position and then she asked me some behavioural questions: • What a..."

Teller at Omega Direct

28 Apr, 2015

"Wh you want to work here"

"Technical questions, situation based"

"Strengths and weekends, how to tackle a tough situation, technical questions"

"Would you be open to making outbound calls to perspective clients."

"Will you be willing to come back for a 2 hour training?"

"There were database specific questions for software used by the company for newspaper distribution that I was unfamiliar with"

"-What is your favourite animal"

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