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Administrative Assistant to President was asked...July 4, 2012

I was told that I was not to make my co-workers friends. I was told to be friendly but no social interaction was to occur.

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I told him that I could do that. Found it strange.

SGL Carbon

Give us one reason as to why should we recruit / consider you from all the other candidates who have come in?

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I have the ability and skills which are required to perform this role and delivery. Less

Practice Fusion

What about Practice Fusion interests you?

Group interview; probably would have been more successful if it were a 1 on 1 interview

Seattle Central Community College

Tell us about yourself, background and why you are interested in the position? Describe admin. experience related to: organizing exec. calendars, scheduling meetings, and maintaining confidential records. When required to learn new software/ procedure, how do you respond and learn? What is your experience coordinating travel? Do you have experience dealing with confidential information? What contributions do you feel you have made to create a positive working environment in your current or former job? Give examples of how you have dealt with a heavy workload and high demand? How do you overcome stress? What techniques do you use?

SGL Carbon

Why would you like to shift from Hospitality into the Corporate(Manufacturing) Segment?

Fulfillment Fund

There were no difficult questions. It was unusual that they wanted to get to know ME - example where I was from, family, school etc.

Do you think you would get along with young people? We have many here.

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Odd question, but answer was "Yes, of course. I work with people of all ages now." Also, I'm not 80 so this was super strange! Less

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