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Which game of thrones character I like

8 Answers

Daenarys Targarian

Sorry, I do not watch that show.

No idea; I don't watch Game of Thrones.

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Industry focussed questions to gauge your knowledge along with questions about your wider experience.

1 Answer

"Tell us a time when..." type questions, asked about work & school experience

1 Answer

Who you are? What type of work environment are you looking for? What gets you out of bed and too work? What type of animal you would be and why?

1 Answer

my experience, track record

1 Answer

Tell us about a situation where you went above and beyond to save revenue for a company

1 Answer

How do you handle conflict with a colleague?

1 Answer

What frustrates you at work?

1 Answer

They asked me to perform an underwriting model to show how I would approach a new business opportunity, the decision I would make and why, and how I would communicate that decision to perspective clients.

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