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Aircraft Mechanic, A&P was asked...July 7, 2009

How do you handle yourself in a stressful situation?

2 Answers

1. Review the actual facts of the situation. 2. Describe how you feel about the situation. 3. Determine what your goals are in the situation. 4. Determine what actions will achieve your goals in the situation. Focus on the answer to 4. Less

I try to avoid getting emotional and find that I perform better when I focus on the needed outcome. Less

Republic Airways
A&P Mechanic was asked...September 9, 2014

How much do you expect to be paid

2 Answers

I'd rather not discuss pay before a job offer is made

Why do you want to work republic

Ascent Aviation Services

Do I have an Airframe and Powerplant license.

1 Answers


High Performance Aircraft

No questions, if you have a license you can work here.

1 Answers

I have a license.

Rice Lake Air Center

He asked about how dedicated I was about sticking around and details about my family ties to the area.

1 Answers

I stated I was looking for something long term and looking for an employer with a low turn-over rate and not getting canned the first 90 days or within 6 months. Less

Sierra Nevada Corporation

can you work all three shifts?

1 Answers


SkyWest Airlines
A&P Mechanic was asked...September 24, 2019

How do I feel about working graveyard and holidays

1 Answers

Employees chose the wrong career if they have issues working graveyard and holidays. Less

Aviation Institute Of Maintenance


1 Answers

I responded accordingly.

Maverick Aviation Group
A&P Mechanic was asked...September 23, 2015

What is one of your greatest weaknesses when it comes to aviation maintenance?

1 Answers

My answer was honest of what my true weakness was, but to make it a positive rather than negative I answered to say that I wouldn't consider it a weakness, just that someone else may be able to accomplish the task faster, but I would be able to complete the task to the same standard, but it would take longer until I became more comfortable and accustomed to that task. Less

Mountain Air Cargo
A&P Mechanic was asked...September 9, 2021

what type of tools do you own. and do you have a tool box

1 Answers

the kind of tools you would expect a mechanic to have, and yes

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