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You have 15 minutes to talk to a CIO with 5 major initiatives you need to solve for them. What do you do?

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You can't possibly solve any of them in 15 minutes. This question is not about you solving the problems, it is about you engaging with the CIO. Ask questions (start with what is documented, what's been done, what's in process, etc.) about the 5 to learn as much as you can in 10 minutes then discuss next actions (yours and the CIOs) to move analysis forward in the remaining 5 minutes. How can you engage the CIO, help focus the 5 issues (and concisely document them if they haven't already been documented), and if possible prioritize. Unfortunately, there probably is not one you can work on while you let the remaining 4 wait. Ask for another meeting as soon as possible. This is not a test of your ability to solve any of these problems.

Doc Rick on


Hit them with that "WIIFM". If you're sales you know what this means, if not google it.

Regina Hopkins on


Uncover most important initiative.

Anonymous on

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