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When i finally met him i shuck his hand and we went the interview room and we sat down as he statted gathering paper work and when he started talking he ask me about customerservice stating that if i was working in a store and customer couldn't find and an item then what should i do. And my answer was that i would stop what i am doing and walk the customer to the isle show them where to look because i wouldn't know exactly the number isle so that what i told him and that am an loyal worker and i have done this work before and he said ok and was like he had lost some paperwork and was looking on the table but never said to me that he did and just me told me he will give me an call when he gather of information from the other interviews but i never heard anything back from him from that day to this one he never call since and i gave him the correct phone.

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"Telling the customer where to look" Isn't enough. Stop what you're doing, walk with the customer to where the item is, GET IT OFF THE SHELF AND HAND IT TO THEM and ask if this is what they're looking for. That's what we call "excellent customer service."

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How about learning how to spell first

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I answer the question great without hesitatation

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