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STAR Question: The question was a WWYD question where I was asked what I would do if a client made a purchase based on a current promotion and signed the contract, only to find out that the promotion was changed at the last minute that morning before the client signed the contract and without the client being aware that the promotion had been changed. Upon finding out about the change, the client asked to return the products for a full refund. But since the contract was already signed, your sales manager tells you that there is nothing they can do because it is written in the contract and they have to honor it. What would you do?

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As a company employee, once I sign a contract on behalf of my company, the contract is a binding contract in a court of law since the date the contract was signed. Henceforth, the customer has the right to retain the benefits of the promotion for which he agreed to and signed and whose terms and conditions are most likely specified in the contract. Should he require a full refund, we should accept the return as we have failed to deliver on the original promise made to the customer. I will also try to find out the $ amount involved in the disagreement. If it is a small amount in relation to the volume of business I generate from this customer, it is a no brainer and I will convince my manager to either keep the old promo or provide a refund to customer to keep the customer happy.

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The key to answering the dissatisfied customer question is as follows: The customer was told by you that if the promotion did not work out, he could return the product at no charge. Now the promotion has changed and the customer cannot return product without some kind of charge. You should explain to the customer that you offered the the return policy because you are highly confident that the promotion will succeed. After all, you gain nothing if he returns the product. Returning the promo product is really a moot point because between the two of you, with your expertise and assistance, the promotion is going to be a huge success and the customer can expect an exceptional roi.

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On contracts, it is about the net price to consumers. Buyers typically are given a suggested price point or price range that the company need in order to get your billback $$$. If a promotion was cancelled after the customer received the product, if u have any coupons, u could use those to reduce the price. Some companies will not allow you to use coupons to further reduce the price on promotions. Given this scenario, hopefully you would have established a solid business relationship, one built on honesty, integrity and strong business ethics. This would allow the customer to be more understanding. You could also inform the customer on when the next promotion is.

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