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Sun Life

None. The hiring manager and the person I would be replacing looked like either they were convinced I was the best qualified person for the position or they already had made up their mind to hire someone else before I showed up. The duty of the position was about 1/5 of the duties I performed really well at a previous and much smaller company where I was a jack of all trade which may have been obvious to them and perhaps disqualified me for the job. Before I left, I was told that there would be a second interview for those selected which contradicted the earlier statement made by HR over the phone.


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Oddly enough, I never received a call back from neither the hiring manager or HR. I was not absolutely surprised that I did not get the job but given that I had to drive a total of 4 hours back and forth to the head office and that they were down to 3 or 4 candidates and that I was very qualified, I thought it was classless from Sun Life to not bother calling me back. This industry is a small world after all...

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