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Jamie is filing as single and has the following expenses for 2018: $9,250 mortgage interest, $10,350 state/local income taxes and real estate taxes, $500 charitable donations, $2,000 unreimbursed employee expenses. How much will Jamie’s federal itemized deductions total?

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Injured spouse claim (Form 8837)

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$9,250 + $10,000 + $500 = $19,750 under TCJA $2,000 unreimbursed employee expense is no longer deductible State/local taxes including property tax are capped at $10,000 under SALT as part of TCJA Her standard deduction for 2018 was $12,000 (nearly doubled under TCJA) is less than her itemized deduction so she'd be better off take her itemized ded.

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John and Peggy got married during the tax year. John has unpaid student loans that will cause their refund to be offset. Both worked and had equal amounts withheld in federal taxes for the year. Is there any way to keep Peggy’s portion of the refund from being offset?

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