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In a certain company, 30 percent of the men and 20 percent of the women attend night school. If 40 percent of all employees are men, what percent of all the employees attend night school?


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Wouldn't it Still be 50% of the employees

Anonymous on


This question is misleading and designed for you not to get the answer because it's leading you to believe that the answer should be a percentage. when it should ask for the total of employees that attend night school.

karla on


Why do I see this answer and 25%?!? Its not a total number but a % of all employees. Tell me if Im wrong so I dont bother taking the test. Thanks.

sean on


n= number of night school attendees t = total employees m=number of male employees w=number of female employees Four variables but only three equations (seen below). Answer is in terms of two of the variables, so only three equations needed to solve. Solution: n/t = fraction (percentage) of total employees attending night school Relevant equations: .4t=m (40% of employees are men) m+w=t (all men + all women = total number of employees) n=.3m+.2w (30% of men + 20% of women = employees attending night school) n/t = [.3m+.2w]/t = [(.3m+.2*(t-m)]/t = [.3m+.2t-.2m]/t = [.1m +.2t]/t = [.1*.4t-+2t]/t = [.04t+.2t]/t = .24 n/t = 24%

Anonymous on


If you assume 100 employees: 40% of men = 40 men 30% of that 40 men = 12 men Therefore, there are 60 women employees 20% of 60 women = 12 women 24 people attend the night school 24 is N% of 100 24/100 x N/100 = 24% Answer: 24% of all employees attend the night school

MA Adams on


This can be done without a calculator. If you assume 100 total employees, 40 are men and 60 are women. 30% of the men would make up 12 men. 20% of women would also make up 12 women. 12+12=24.

Math Teacher on


24 This is from their test sample sheet of the algebra word problems to be done without a calculator.

Anonymous on

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