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Burger King

How would you handle a franchisee who did not want to follow an idea or suggestion you created?

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We discussed salary vaguely. I asked about salary in early interviews and was asked what my requirements were. I said I wanted 60K and was told that wouldn't be an issue.

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I find it deplorable that such large companies sully their reputations by not keeping potential employees informed. Sadly, when companies treat me this way I make it a point to stop wasting my money at their establishments. I also tell people I know and meet of this and, if I am lucky they stop spending money there as well (assuming they care about more than their own employment status).

Don on


Today, lets be real, company's are looking for candidates who can provide results, uphold the companys image - "candidates appearance", intellectual, and strong background with coaching and developing of staff. Too many times candidates feel that they are the right choice for a job, but the reality is your not the right choice based on your appearance, average interview, and lack of experience. Every answer given to a question may not be the right answer in regards to the company and the position you are applying for. If you are not hired, or receive an offer within the first 2 weeks of an interview, you probably not the right candidate. You failed, move on to the next opportunity. "Just a thought."

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Did they ever discuss salary.

James on


I would respectfully listen to the franchisees reasons and provide understanding. I would then use data to reinforce why I had arrived at the conclusion I had in order to give them the "whys" behind my decision.

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