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How to choose emotions in like/dislike systems and any problems in the A/B test.


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Venkat Parkunan on


Show a bunch of customers happy, sad, controversial messages for a week or so in their newsfeed along with all other news feeds and see whether any relation between their like or dislike with the other activities of the same customers. Will this tell us anything?

Anonymous on


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Nefer on


If I understood correcty, I believe the idea is to decide whether to choose (add, change, remove) an emoticon (those emoticons with reactions ) in the like/deslike system. I believe that we should think about the average of engagement of a content (test a variety of contents - sad, happy, impressing, etc) in both A and B groups. Let's say that if the group that is seeing the reaction button engages more with content, then the tool is successful.

Gabriel on

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