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- If I am able to control a noisy class - What am I gonna do if students do not behave well

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Before going to the interview revised the booklet that was sent to me. All questions were based on the contents of the booklet

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To control a class you need to make sure you have a good relationship with your students Not only that, also while you teaching your lessons should he super interesting , in order for them not to be bored. If they are focused automatically they wont be noisy and class will be well controlled and busy

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Let the student "time out", away from the rest of the class

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First i will try to make a good rapport with kids,i will talk friendly to each with mention their name and comment about their appearance,and ask about their favorite game,then i will tell to them",first we need to become silent and behave well,then we will play a wonderful game..if they continue their undesirable behavior,i just change their environment....i think these stratagy will work.

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