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What is health insurance like at WorkWave?

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August 7, 2019


-Free Lunch (4 out of the 5 days) -Most lower-level coworkers are willing to help you out -Some of the events that the company hosts are fun to participate in


-The onboarding process is ROUGH to say the least. You get a good start, but it reverts to startup-quality onboarding where you're almost on your own in some departments. -Benefits could be better (insurance-wise) -There is NO true internal movement unless it's out of necessity here. Job requirements are so high that internal applicants DON'T apply as they're told they don't meet the minimum. -There are no resources for you to learn how to move up or out of your position. They were in the process of creating a new structure for this, but it's just a structural change, not assistance with how to actually be better. -Once you find out your worth, you'll find that pay is not the greatest here. It could be worse, but don't be surprised if you're making less than others as a higher tiered employee. -The lack of product knowledge across the board makes it REALLY hard to get help when trying to address something (from how to market to how to support, it's a shame when nobody seems to know exactly how the newest features work besides one person) Lastly, upper management seems to be it complete disarray when it comes to the VPs. There's no communication between lower level and the C-level so nobody's ever on the same page, and it generally is very hard to get the right message about the company, its future, and your future when different people tell you polar opposites about what's going on.

Advice to Management

PLEASE bring back the Employee-first mentality. There's a lot of politics and miscommunication at play in the Upper Management level (especially on the Support and Engineering levels) and it's driving your employees out in droves. This would be a really great company to work for if you can fix this issue and work on the other cons...

Benefits could be better (insurance

August 7, 2019

1 English review out of 1