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Read what Recruit Holdings employees think about diversity and inclusion at the company, and if their workforce is comprised and supportive of individuals of varying gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion and other attributes.

Recruit Holdings has a diversity rating of 3.9.

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July 6, 2021

How is race or ethnicity talked about at Recruit Holdings?


The consultants in this company are generally hardworking and genuine people who show care and concern for each other. The commission is really good and the HR is one of the better HR around.


The previous MD was a nice guy but he supported many bad practices. There is a senior person in the company who has been caught cheating last year on numerous occasions but was not fired but instead applauded publicly for "great work" that is often false. This same senior person has openly hit on multiple females in the office with no remorse or regard for his actions but is allowed to build an even larger team. There is also very clear white power in the company. One of the poorer performers was promoted even though he barely made any money. I understand he only made 20k since he came back this year but he was still promoted while other performers in the PR business and the Japan business are overlooked. This is not a company that values meritocracy but rather it promotes politics. If you're friends with the MD, you can get away not billing and underperforming KPI. The last MD allowed power abuse, sexual advances, cheating, gambling and many other dirty habits because it kept certain people happy. From what I heard, the new MD has preferences for his white colleagues so I wouldn't recommend this company.

Advice to Management

I don't think anything will change so no point to give advice. The last MD was bad and so far, things don't look like they would change.

There is also very clear white power in the company.

July 6, 2021

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