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What is health insurance like at PBS Systems?

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April 29, 2021


Anyone can get hired and I mean anyone. However, One thing they do and I commend them for it is they do a fantastic job of being extremely diverse. No prejudice.


LOTS! Where to start...... Let’s see, they hire entry level people for just about every role because nobody with superior skills would take a job here unless they had no other options. (Myself included in that) Management is a complete joke. Qualifications to become a manager....., skills - nope, talent - nope, tenure - nope. Friends / family - yup! The turnover is tremendous outside of management and the overall compensation is abysmal. They are on the extremely low end of benefits and compensation. This is an ok place to start your career but if you have any skills or are even average in your abilities then there’s plenty of better places to have a career at. This company has the most basic medical and dental plan I have ever seen and they only cover half the premium so be prepared to shell out $150/mo for benefits if you have a family but then understand that the coverage they have chosen is extremely basic. I’ve never seen another B2B company make their employees pay half for medical coverage. (Though I’m sure they exist but definitely not a company I would want to work for) if a company doesn’t offer adequate medical coverage or benefits would you say they really value you as an employee? They offer $40/day meal allowance if you spend the night but if you travel for the day and are gone 16 hours, too bad. They make you pay for half of your work assigned laptop. They only offer $0.40/km for mileage and they make you pay for your own company branded clothing. Want company matched retirement options?..... don’t look at PBS then. They don’t offer it. They’ll have you on the road 4 weeks a month but tell you 2 weeks is all that is expected when you’re interviewing. You’ll be at dealerships for upwards of 12 hours a day with no added compensation. Quite literally, not only one of the the worst companies to work for in any industry but especially in the DMS space. There are other DMS companies out there bigger, better and more well managed than PBS. I suggest researching them and then applying. (Psssst, I work for one of them now and they are 1000% better than PBS in my opinion.)

Advice to Management

Review the management style and let go of the dinosaurs and bring in new blood. The antiquated ways your senior managers are running the business will catch up to you. Business isn’t done the way it was 25-30 years ago but someone at PBS hasn’t gotten that message. You’re successful and you run a profitable business so who am I to criticize your decisions but I also know what I hear from other staff, customers and industry people and PBS does not have a good reputation. This will catch up to you at some point. Also, quit posting fake reviews on Glassdoor. It undermines the legitimacy of the service. And before you say that you don’t do that, you do!! I was even asked to provide a positive 5 star response by my manager. When you read a review on Glassdoor and in the “cons” section it says “none, great place to work” that’s a fake review. Even the happiest of employees will have something to gripe about. No company is perfect but lots are horrible. PBS falls in the latter I’m afraid.

(Though I’m sure they exist but definitely not a company I would want to work for) if a company doesn’t offer adequate medical coverage or benefits would you say they really value you as an employee?

April 29, 2021

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1 English review out of 1