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October 4, 2022


Steady check, health insurance, uniform, I can't think of anything else


This job is EXTREMELY stressful. From day you are SWORN in to the day you leave, whether it be on your own free will or you are will be STRESSED. There is MANDATORY overtime, AT LEAST three times a week! The supervisors, principals and regular PCTs are all VERY cliquish. This job is about WHO you know, NOT what you know. You will NOT be recognized for hard work, not calling out, DO NOT go out of your way! If you are NOT liked, prepare to be harassed by higher ups! If you have children, prepare to be told that they DO NOT CARE! The priority is the JOB! PREPARE to be LIED to by higher ups about everything! If you plan on staying at the job, prepare to turn in a ROBOT. Do NOT question authority! If you FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS, you will be TARGETED! This place is absolutely HORRIBLE! DO NOT WORK HERE AS ANYTHING OTHER THAN A POLICE OFFICER! They are the ONLY ones who get respect!

Advice to Management

Remember where YOU came from! You weren't perfect call takers or dispatchers which is why you most likely took the exam so you could stop being one!

Do NOT question authority! Read More

October 4, 2022

Reviewed by: Police Communications Technician (Current Employee)

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