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February 2, 2019

How are the career development opportunities at MediSystem Pharmacy?


free parking, management likes to spend a lot of time expensing lunches rather than managing.


There are many to mention. Leadership is non-existent and play favorites. If you aren't part of the inner circle, you likely won't last long. Leaders in general have no clue about what other groups do, how the business runs and are generally non-communicative. This place is like high school. Gossipy, cliquey. Most people here are long time employees so very adverse to change. Same issues with client service and operations come up over and over again but they are generally ignored. Management has no clue how to motivate or lead a team effectively, and only care about maintaining their high user engagement score. This is because it affects their annual bonus. Actually had a director send out a mass email to team members asking them to maintain the 96% positive reviews!! All the other feedback left on here about over work, underpaid, under appreciated, gossipy, back stabbing, not client focused.... they are all true. Honestly, if you are unemployed and in desperate need of a job, then join. But if you have options, I suggest you stay far, far away from here. It will kill you career, motivation and soul. The turnover rate is insane. Anyone who has any skill/ability leaves. You are left with lifers..

Advice to Management

Take a good hard look inwards and address the lingering issues that you know are there. Ignoring them won't make them go away. Churn of employees and customers is high because of the work environment and attitudes. You should clean house and hire competent leaders who can motivate staff, but instead you promote or hire people who only know how to say YES. It's very sad to see and not surprising that clients and employees are leaving en mass.

It will kill you career, motivation and soul.

February 2, 2019

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