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May 14, 2020


The people: The people were the singular reason I stayed at Glassdoor for so long. I love the people I met and it was the best work environment I could ask for!! I loved being able to go to work with coworkers who turned into my friends every single day. The office: Really nice updated office in Fulton Market, with free snacks, great views, an amazing rooftop, and free gym. No free parking, unfortunately. Career progression: Although unclear at times, I will say Glassdoor did see value in its employees and did hire within a lot. In my time there I had seen at least 10+ people get promoted, including myself, and it was great to see that. Benefits: Great health benefits, free food, bonuses, gyms in offices, dogs in office(Mill Valley office), unlimited PTO - however, they took this away for a month and then gave it back. I did learn a lot about myself personally and professionally at Glassdoor. It was definitely a great stepping stone in my career, and I will always remember my time at Glassdoor and think of it as mostly positive. Although laid off, the severance package is one of the best I have seen.


Glassdoor will never be the same. The only good thing about it was the people and most of the good ones are gone. They're probably merging with Indeed - I mean selling profiles to clients for thousands and thousands of dollars isn't going to cut it forever. Transparency: Funny this is at the core of their business model, right? 300 people were laid off with no warning. A whole org, gone. They let go a whole org with no warning, and we’re really supposed to believe this was not planned after weeks of reassurance we were going to be ok during COVID. Doesn't seem totally transparent to me. Pay discrepancy: Where do I even begin? Throughout my years at Glassdoor there was never a clear reason as to why the pay discrepancy was so vast on my team. People in the same role making 20k more than others, and the professional pay scale they used to determine our pay had the incorrect job description. Also, pay in general is on the lower side. Senior Management: There is one leader in senior management for CS that should not be there. They have made MANY employees cry on multiple occasions and do not know how to have difficult conversations with empathy. They are simply rude. CS senior leadership was never fully transparent behind why changes were made. I am honestly not even sure what they did all day bc it was most definitely not making the org any better. The role: There was NEVER a clear idea of the split of work between CS and sales. CS of course got blamed for everything and a Sales director was quoted saying “I wish I could blow up all of CS and start over”.. Really??? They would measure us on KPI’s that they set that didn't even make sense based on our scope of work, and then present those KPI’s in meetings in front of the whole org. Not to mention most of the reports for those KPI’s were broken. The whole CSS team was always overworked, undervalued, unrecognized, and underpaid.

Advice to Management

If your main company value is transparency, maybe practice it. Take a look at some of your Directors and VP’s and make some changes. Good luck with your future, Glassdor.

Benefits: Great health benefits, free food, bonuses, gyms in offices, dogs in office(Mill Valley office), unlimited PTO

May 14, 2020

Reviewed by: Customer Success in Chicago, IL (Former Employee)

1 English review out of 1

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