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Deluxe Corporation has a diversity rating of 3.6.

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June 10, 2020

How is race or ethnicity talked about at Deluxe Corporation?


They talked a good game


The worst training ever! By far. Bar none. Other people in the class said the same thing to me privately. I started work on 05-11-2020. Before I even started my employment with Deluxe, I had to fill out a form for a background check. I had to verify all of my previous employment by providing them with the last 15 years of my W2's and provide my high school graduation certificate. I told the recruiter that I have been through several background checks in my life with my occupation and I have NEVER had to do this! I think the company is trying to save a few nickels and have employees do THERE OWN background check! The first 10 minutes of the job, the trainer handed each new employee a little yellow post it note with writing on 3 lines he then told us to go and login to the computer with the username and the password he gave us on the little yellow sticky note (THERE'S 3 LINES AND none of them said USERNAME: or PASSWORD:) I got locked out and sat for FOUR HOURS on the first day. They gave each new employee a 3 ring binder that had about 250 pages in it and THE PAGES WERE BLACK AND WHITE AND WERE NOT NUMBERED. He gave all of the new employees another 3 ring binder that had about 100 pages in it and that one WAS BLACK AND WHITE AND WAS NOT NUMBERED EITHER! He referenced both of these binders constantly. When referencing a particular page he would hold up the page for a few seconds and if you didn't see it or you couldn't find it in your 3 ring binder he would REPRIMAND YOU IN FRONT OF THE CLASS. The trainer was constantly having problems negotiating the software system. Several times he would try to fix broken hyperlinks then resend a different broken link to you in an email again and again until it would finally work. Sometimes this process would take nearly an hour and this process happened at least a dozen times! When that didn't work, he would say, "if it doesn't work, copy and paste it in a totally different browser". When it didn't work again he would ask, "are your cookies turned off?" You would have to figure out if your cookies are turned off and if you didn't know how to turn the cookies off on THERE COMPUTER, he would reprimand you in front of the WHOLE CLASS and have you watch a video about how to turn off your cookies on THERE COMPUTER (this was DAY ONE 'as they like to say LOL')! The trainer battled allot with trying to figure out what browser to use. Chrome would not work for some applications and Internet Explorer would not work for others (I would think that they would be able to tell you which one worked for which application so they could tell you which one to use. He didn't know which browser to use for which application so you get to figure that one out too and when you guess wrong, you get reprimanded in front of THE WHOLE CLASS. We spent 4 hours learning how to do a little detail in the system and someone asked, "how often are we going to be doing that?" His reply, "maybe once every 3 months". WHAT A COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME! You needed a code to use the printer and EVERY TIME you wanted to print something the access code didn't work. The computer software would totally lock up every now and again and you would have to log out and log back in when you're taking a live call or doing a role play and it was not supposed to affect your call times. the software system you have to navigate through is old tired technology, You always had problems hearing people on the phone. You had to wiggle the jack to hear anything. When you wiggled the jack on the phone sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. If it didn't work you would have to turn up the volume on the phone. If that didn't work you had to spin a little dial that controlled the volume that was built into the cord. They gave you 4 different headsets and expected you to know how and when to use each one of them and where and how to plug them in without telling you. They gave you ZERO training on 3 of these headsets. The trainer wrote down the directions on how to use one of the headsets on the whiteboard. When we went through the directions it didn't work. He comes over to me and asks to use it and figures out that HE WROTE DOWN THE WRONG DIRECTIONS on the whiteboard! Not only that but we were supposed to be COVID19 compliant. How can I be COVID19 compliant when he is using my headset within seconds of it being on my head and then he expects me to put it back on my head seconds after he had it on his head? More than once the trainer would try to plug one of those dinosaur headsets in to multiple jacks on the computer and have to unplug it and try a different port ORRR the computer would start buzzing so bad that he had to restart the computer which would take at least 5 to 10 minutes. AGAIN, HE HAD NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS DOING!The trainer would either speak in a very quiet monotone voice while he was wearing a mask (yes, a mask is mandatory) or he would SCREAM at the class. Yes, SCREAM. He would play prerecorded sales calls for the benefit of the class and use a team viewer (that every single person in the classroom had problems using, including him) to see what the agent is looking at so you could follow along only problem ... the team viewer screen would lock up so you couldn't follow along ORRR the other problem, the agent would be using a software system that was a totally different software that he taught the class how to use! HOW WORTHLESS IS THAT? The trainer told us that the masks (COVID19) that they supplied to us had to be reused because they didn't have enough new masks! The trainer was complete garbage. He would scream at the class, misdirect the class, reprimand several people in front of the whole class, had ZERO ability to understand when someone needed help. He would often sabotage you and treat you like you were stupid IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS. On my last day he wanted the people in the class to partner up with other classmates and sit by them when they were taking live sales calls (COVID19!), but when I went to sit with my partner he said that I couldn't do that because there were too many people on that side of the room. EVERYONE EXCEPT ME WAS ON THAT SIDE OF THE ROOM! SEVEN PEOPLE WERE ON THAT SIDE OF THE ROOM INCLUDING HIM! THIS COMPANY WAS NOT COVID 19 COMPLIANT! A few times during class he took personal calls. He told the class he was trying to buy a house so I guess that makes it ok. HE WAS THE WORST TRAINER I EVER HAD ... BAR NONE! When I interviewed for the job I wish they would have told me that the job is about 90% technical (manipulating there old tired 1990's software) and 10% sales. I would have never worked for this company. During the interview I wish they would have told me that nearly half of the new hires don't make it past training. I would have never worked for this company. During the job interview I was told that they were hiring 14 employees. When I started 10 were on the list to start that day. Seven people showed up on the first day, Three people quit or were fired about a month in to the training. The training is supa long because, yess, there training is that bad. During my training the trainer had us spending allot of our time trying to fix problems that were being created by there old tired system. I feel that I could have retained allot more information if I could have spent my time during training ACTUALLY TRAINING.

Advice to Management

Look at the company from a new hires perspective. Get a trainer that knows how to train people. Step into a current technology. Get a current phone system. Have new employees shadow the veterans. You would help the new hires retain more information sooner and could save the company allot of money by having new employees shadow the veterans. Get rid of a trainer that can't get half of your new hires on the sales floor. Now I know why. Seriously sit through HIS training.

They gave each new employee a 3 ring binder that had about 250 pages in it and THE PAGES WERE BLACK AND WHITE AND WERE NOT NUMBERED.

June 10, 2020

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