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Article has a Senior Management rating of 3.8, and Aamir Baig, the CEO of Article, has an approval rating of 96% across the organisation.

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September 14, 2020

How are senior leaders perceived at Article?


Your coworkers will become your friends, and will be there to support you. This is crucial as Customer Care can be extremely stressful and intense, especially in the current pandemic. Overall, it's easy to talk to most people and people are honest and direct. The salary is competitive, decent benefits package. The company as a whole is a good place to work, but I would steer clear of CC until it is given a chance to action on feedback and turn the ship around. Knowing the commitment of the CEO to having a good work environment and culture, I hope they will be able to get things back on track with a few key changes.


Since March, Customer Care as a department has changed dramatically. What used to be a vibrant department of people who enjoyed their jobs and enjoyed helping people has started to spiral into a place where people feel isolated and unsupported by upper management, and disconnected from their peers. Working remotely has only increased these feelings. Changes in management has lead to both CC agents and TLs feeling overworked, spread too thin, and not listened or supported by management. I often felt disrespected and condescended to by a recent management hire, and often did not feel the support I needed in order to properly support my own team. Overall, I just want to say that the feelings of frustration and lack of support are not limited to one level of the department. Everyone is feeling the burn, everyone is trying their best, but are not given what they need to be successful.

Advice to Management

Lengthen training. I understand you need bodies on the floor to manage increased volume, but you have cut training too much and the new agents are not prepared. It is unfair to expect high performance when you have not properly equipped them. Listen to your Team Leads. They've been at the company a lot longer than you (despite calling them inexperienced or junior), and treating them like they don't know things is not only incredibly disrespectful and disheartening, but is cutting off one of your best tools to support the agents properly. Take time to talk to the people in your department, and understand them as people better, rather than customer service robots that are expected to smash through volume without feeling any emotions. The job is hard, the volume is insane. Treat agents like the incredible, dedicated people they are before you lose more of them.

Knowing the commitment of the CEO to having a good work environment and culture, I hope they will be able to get things back on track with a few key changes.

September 14, 2020

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