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November 28, 2019

What is health insurance like at Action Media?


-Flexitime hours -Free breakfast - Free Coffee and Tea - 3 weeks vacation (including Xmas holidays) -Monthly free lunch - Quarterly group activities - 3-4 Parties a year - Game room with Nintendo Switch and ping pong table - 1 hour lunches - Half day Fridays - Downtown office right over Peel metro - The coolest people and management - Great insurance package and benefits - Quarterly Bonuses - Competitive salaries When I told my old man about my job and these benefits .. he told me if it was his job he would be singing to work every day. He’s right , I am very grateful for everything this company offers and I appreciate every day I’m there. There’s not a dull day at Action Media!


- by Friday there are no more avocados or bananas left in the kitchen - in the afternoon all the bathroom stalls are taken so I have to go on another floor to use the toilet - in the winter , can’t decide whether to wear my winter jacket for the 5 second walk to the metro

Great insurance package and benefits

November 28, 2019

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