How to Become a Marketing?

Are you thinking of becoming a Marketing or already started your career and planning the next step? Learn how to become a Marketing, what skills you need to succeed, how to advance your career and get promoted, and what levels of pay to expect at each step on your career path. Explore new Marketing job openings and options for career transitions into related roles.
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Steps to Become a Marketing Coordinator

A marketing coordinator assists a company's marketing department with programs and initiatives. They complete an array of tasks including conducting market research, creating original content, and coordinating community and marketing events while assisting with the creation, execution, and monitoring of content marketing, social media, digital, and email campaigns. Here are five steps on how to become a marketing coordinator.

Get a Bachelor's Degree in a field such as sales or marketing.

As a marketing coordinator, getting the proper education is essential to starting your career. Often, a Bachelor's Degree in related fields is necessary to enter the workforce. These fields include business, marketing, and psychology. You can also take classes in statistics, economics, and behaviour to understand better what you'll need to excel in to make your career successful. Often, you'll be required to complete a co-op program or an internship as well, which will be helpful with the next step.


Get work experience to gain project management and marketing skills.

Work experience in the marketing coordinator position can come from related industries, including sales and buying. You may also gain experience from entry-level positions and internships. While your education will qualify you for a role as a marketing coordinator, real work experience is necessary to help you learn what it takes to become successful.

Skills you should excel in to help you become a marketing coordinator include creativity, communication, strong project and time management skills, quick decision-making skills, and more. Gaining these skills in relevant work experience will help you become a better marketing coordinator. As a marketing coordinator, you'll be required to create and maintain marketing materials, coordinate meetings, gather and maintain updated marketing information and trend reports, attend meetings, and monitor marketing trends.


Obtain certifications, such as Chartered Marketer.

Certifications are not usually necessary as a marketing coordinator, as you must have relevant education in the field. There are certain certifications you can earn that can assist you in excelling at your career and offer you an edge up over the competition when applying for new jobs. These certifications include:

  • Chartered Marketer: The Canadian Marketing Association offers the Chartered Marketer designation. This option is ideal for those who work in public relations, on social media, and branding projects. After completing the program, you must earn 15 CPD credits per year for a total of 45 credits over three years
  • Google Analytics. This certification is available online and may be completed to assist you with tracking and monitoring digital marketing strategies. You will take this exam annually.

Get a marketing coordinator job or a job that puts you on that track.

With your education, certification, and real-world experience, you can begin applying for marketing coordinator positions. The first step will be to create a cover letter for each job you apply to and highlight why you want the position. Update your resume with your education and certifications, and highlight your relevant experience, skills in marketing, and anything else you believe makes you valuable as an employee. You can now begin applying for positions as a marketing coordinator.


Further your education with advanced degrees, such as a Master's in marketing.

After you've worked as a marketing coordinator, you may wish to continue your education to advance in the field. A Master's in Marketing degree can provide you with a competitive edge in the field and help you stand out from the crowd when applying for future marketing coordinator jobs. You can specialize as a marketing manager, marketing research analyst, social media specialist, or brand manager to make yourself more valuable as an employee and open the door for higher-paying job opportunities.

Marketing Career Path

Marketing Coordinator

2 - 4Years of Experience
$48K - $65K /yrAvg. Annual Salary
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25% advanced to

Senior Marketing Coordinator

2 - 4Years of Experience
$46K - $79K /yrAvg. Annual Salary
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Lead Marketing Coordinator

5 - 7Years of Experience
$46K - $79K /yrAvg. Annual Salary
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Salary Trajectory

Marketing Career Path

Marketing Coordinator I
Marketing Coordinator
Senior Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Coordinator Manager
Lead Marketing Coordinator
Senior Manager of Marketing
Director of Marketing
Senior Director of Marketing
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