Heavy Haul Truck Driver Career

How to Become a Heavy Haul Truck Driver?

Are you thinking of becoming a Heavy Haul Truck Driver or already started your career and planning the next step? Learn how to become a Heavy Haul Truck Driver, what skills you need to succeed, how to advance your career and get promoted, and what levels of pay to expect at each step on your career path. Explore new Heavy Haul Truck Driver job openings and options for career transitions into related roles.
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Steps to Become a Truck Driver

A truck driver transports goods via a heavy-duty truck or tractor-trailer. Successful truck drivers are committed to safety on the road and have excellent communication skills. In this article, we cover the steps you should take to become a truck driver.

Enrol in a truck driving program or school.

Before you can get behind the wheel of a truck, you need training. Truck driver training programs may be offered through trucking companies or at private truck driver training schools and some colleges. Certain programs might also help with your job search upon completion of the program.


Earn your commercial driver's licence.

The first step to becoming a truck driver is to obtain your commercial driver's licence (CDL). This licence is required for all tractor-trailer driving jobs. Before you can obtain the licence, however, you must fulfill certain requirements, including the following:

  • Must meet the age and driving experience requirements of your province/territory.
  • Must have a valid full driver’s licence and, if required by your province/territory, a commercial learner's permit or endorsement.
  • Must pass a knowledge test and a road test.

Some provinces have instituted the Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) training program for Class 1 (Class A in Ontario) driver’s licence.


Meet the medical requirements of your province/territory.

You need to pass a vision test and will be required to provide a medical report form or have a medical exam.


Hone your communication skills.

When you work as a truck driver, you might think it's an isolating career, but that's not the case entirely. You must communicate and manage the people you work closely with to make for a smooth transition. One of the most important people you need to coordinate with is the dispatcher, who can help you deliver the load in a timely fashion. You also need to know how to communicate with customers so they don't leave you waiting to unload at the dock.


Complete an in-house training program.

Many companies require new employees to complete an in-house training program so they can learn the ins and outs of the company. These driver finishing programs introduce you to the vehicles, equipment, and materials relevant to the company. The entire program might last several weeks to a month, and it might involve a period of supervised driving.

Heavy Haul Truck Driver Career Path

Truck Driver

8+Years of Experience
$47K - $70K /yrAvg. Annual Salary
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Truck Driver III

5 - 7Years of Experience
$60K - $75K /yrAvg. Annual Salary
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Truck Driver IV

5 - 7Years of Experience
$59K - $85K /yrAvg. Annual Salary
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Salary Trajectory

Heavy Haul Truck Driver Career Path

Truck Driver I
Truck Driver
Assistant Manager of Transportation
Truck Driver III
Truck Driver Manager
Truck Driver IV
Truck Driver V
Director of Transportation
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