What does a Category Analyst do?

Category analysts draw upon strategically gathered data to drive decisions related to sales, marketing, and other business operations. They are responsible for a range of duties related to analytics, reporting, performance evaluations, market insights, and industry trends. They compile and present business insights and analytics, and interpret that data to guide organizational strategy and choices. These analysts become experts in their particular category, and also develop deep knowledge about competitors and the industry in general.

Category analysts typically have a bachelor’s degree, often in marketing, supply chain management, or a related business field. They would ideally have a background that includes roles in marketing, sales, or logistics. These roles require the ability to manage large amounts of data, and analysts must be comfortable assembling and evaluating information in both quantitative and qualitative formats.

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Average Years of Experience

0 - 1
2 - 4
5 - 7

Common Skill Sets

Operating Systems
Microsoft EXCEL
CompTIA Security
Capacity Management

Category Analyst Seniority Levels

Product Analyst
5% made the transition
Business Development Analyst
12% made the transition
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