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Capital One

1,530 reviews

Great Place To Work

Pros - Great benefits, Amazing personalities, Suitable work environments, Awesome corporate values and community involvement…

Front Line Manager — reviewed 30+ days ago

It's not for everyone - if you can follow the rules and display good work ethic you'll see rewards.

Pros - can work 45 mins extra each day for a day off every two weeks- nice for flexibility/work-life balance, opportunities…

Program Consultant — reviewed 30+ days ago

I enjoyed working and meeting and making new friends and gaining valuable knowledge.

Pros - its a great place to work. I met many people with great knowledge and experience.

Employee — reviewed 30+ days ago

Interviewing at Google

Interviewed on campus, then recieved two phone screens on google hangouts… Read Interview

Interview Question:
How to sort a linked list. How to find three…

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Interviewing at Home Depot Canada

The interviews here focus much more on the thinking process than on the… Read Interview

Toronto, ON

Interview Question:
"Has somebody with a different ethnicity than you…

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Interviewing at Canada Revenue Agency

Applied in April, and was interviewed in June, and am still waiting for the result… Read Interview

Interview Question:
Before the interview, they usually will give…

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