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Sun Life

283 reviews

The company is great.

Pros - The working environment is beautiful.

Employee — reviewed 30+ days ago

BC Hydro

59 reviews

Complex and challenging

Pros - I learned so much about the utility industry, it was an amaxing experience. The benefits are good, however the benefit…

Senior Aboriginal Relations Coordinator – reviewed 9 days ago

Good people making good products

Pros - Lots of smart people. High quality aircraft.

Operations – reviewed 19 days ago

Interviewing at Walmart

apply online with resume and answer some questions. about one week later, got a… Read Interview

Interview Question:
describe a merchandise I'm not familiar with

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Interviewing at McKinsey & Company

Two interviews, both of them walking through a sample case. Everyone was really… Read Interview

Interview Question:
There were no real unexpected questions, no…

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Interviewing at Bell Canada

First was a phone interview reviewing my resume. Next was an in-person interview… Read Interview

Interview Question:
When faced with conflict in the workplace tell me…

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