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4,208 reviews

Good work place!

Pros - Large company so there is lots of room for movement Great office location Good benefits Pay is okay They support…

Executive Assistant – reviewed 7 days ago


71 reviews

Overall great company

Pros - Great pay, lots of emerging technologies.

Channel Account Manager — reviewed 30+ days ago

Large organization

Pros - A lot of longtime employees with plenty of knowledge will be incline to share if you show interest. Very lenient in…

Operations Analyst – reviewed 5 days ago

Interviewing at CGI Group

Contacted the recruiter on LinkedIn. Was interviewed promptly and did not hear about… Read Interview

Interview Question:
No technical questions asked. Just asked that I…

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Interviewing at Future Shop

just applied online and after a week called me and want to come for an interview and… Read Interview

Vancouver, BC

Interview Question:
give me an example that shows you are a…

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Interviewing at Vancity

Initial interview over the phone, with clear indication of next steps. Read Interview

Jul 01, 2013 in Vancouver, BC

Interview Question:
Tell me about your experience.

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