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1,371 reviews

Challenges abundant!!

Pros - You'll never get bored. Great training

Employee — reviewed 30+ days ago


4,214 reviews

Good work place!

Pros - Large company so there is lots of room for movement Great office location Good benefits Pay is okay They support…

Executive Assistant – reviewed 10 days ago


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Pros - Pay is alright for what you do great vacation benefits to start off (3 weeks) benefits are alright as well

Department Manager — reviewed 30+ days ago

Interviewing at Sobeys

I submitted an application, got a call in a week or so from the Meat Manager… Read Interview

Nov 01, 2012 in Edmonton, AB

Interview Question:
Absolutely nothing.

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Interviewing at Fedex Express

The company uses behavior based interview. Depending on the job level… Read Interview

Jan 01, 2010 in Montreal, QC

Interview Question:
It is not easy to keep customers satisfied. How…

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Interviewing at AMD

All communications were through email; from sending in my resume, to setting up the… Read Interview

Mar 01, 2010 in Markham, ON

Interview Question:
The most difficult question had to do with…

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