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“Salary expectations”

“Why should we hire you?
What is your salary expectation?
What do you expect from us as un employer?
What are you top three strenghts?
Tell us about a time you had to deal with an angry client…”

“what would you like to do with yourself?”

“I asked if they'd describe the position.”

“The questions are all very basic, such as why you want to work there and what you hope to gain from it.”

“Typical STAR questions.”

“Can you share the vision of this company to provide mobile high end massage as well as at an exclusive location in Yaletwon”

Manager at YMCA

8 Mar, 2015

“describe your greatest accomplishment”

“How do you know Ankit (the guy who referred me)?”

“Would I like to work outside in the sun during the sun, as most of the time the events will be out in the open?”

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