Operations Manager Interview Questions

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“Can you describe how you quickly built rapport with someone.”

“How I can contribute to reduce operating and delivery cost, give a real time example”

“THis is a very culturally diverse comany- can you work well with other races.”

“What is your background in agriculture? Did you grow up on a farm?
What are your salary expectations?”

“If a patient is in desperate need of a medication are you willing to circumvent the usual guidelines in order to get them medication?”

“Explain what would you do if you asked your direct report to help you with something and they were resistant to helping you.”

“Explain with example from your past experience how your manager, peers and/or employees describe your decision making and communication style.”

“Explain with an example from your past experience how you maintain good working relationships with your clients and how you use their input to improve or refine your service delivery”

“Are you comfortable working in a very structured retail environment?”

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